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Bubble Hotel, Penginapan 'Tembus Pandang' yang Menghadirkan Sensasi Tidur  di Alam Terbuka - Beauty Journal

With thematic balloon hotels starting to open in many countries, we have added the hotels that caught our eye to our list. Maybe if there is an address slot365 deposit gopay on your route, you can have a different experience by staying at one of these hotels.

The bubble itself allows people to enter and exit with the airlock system. This basically allows the air pressure to be maintained and prevents everything from deflating like a limp balloon every time the door is opened.

To get into the bedroom on the other side of the airlock, you must first enter one door and close it behind you before you can unzip the second door and access the main bubble.

If you don’t go through this method or it takes too long to complete the resealing process, all the bubbles begin to rapidly deflate around you.

That’s clearly a less than ideal situation, whether you’re on the outside trying to re-enter, or you’re slowly being smothered on the inside.

The Bubble itself is quite beautiful on the inside and has a lovely four-poster bed with a side table, night lamp and fairy lamp.

Above the bed there is an AC unit which works at full speed. You also have a clothes rack inside the airlock where you can store clothes and bags etc.

The bubble has a curtain about 2/3 of the way up, which you can close to give yourself some privacy. This isn’t really necessary as you’re facing a wide chasm and all bubble plots have high walls to (hopefully) keep a peek at.

Rows of Bubble Hotels That Become a New Trend in the World

The following are some of the hotel bubbles that are trending to become a hot conversation around the world. If you are curious then here are some of the rows:


Attrap'Reves Rooms: Pictures & Reviews - Tripadvisor

It can be said that this hotel, located in the Allauch area in Southern France, is one of the trendsetters in Europe. Designed in different themes like Zen, 1001 Nights, Tahitian Hut, the bubble slot depo gopay rooms are invisible to each other, making you feel as if you are the only one living in the jungle.

Bubble Hotel Bali

Sensasi Tidur Beratapkan Langit di Bubble Hotel Bali -

Staying at this hotel in Ubud Bali area is definitely a special experience! Sleeping at night by the sea and in the forest, looking at the stars and starting the day with coconut water sounds amazing. We have no doubt that Balinese energy will also enhance the experience.

The 5 Million Star Hotel

THE 5 MILLION STAR HOTEL - Updated 2021 Cottage Reviews (Skalholt, Iceland)  - Tripadvisor

Another name for this balloon hotel in Iceland is “5 Million Star Hotel” because it promises you to see the starry world before you sleep at night, and even the northern lights if you’re lucky. And if you wake up in the morning and see the snow landscape, it’s impossible to forget this experience.

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Provincia de Navarra - Harga Hotel Terbaru di  Traveloka

This balloon hotel in the middle of a wheat field in Spain has many awards in the fields of architecture and interior design. The rooms, which provide an exotic feel with moonlight at night and desert views by day, also offer all sorts of technological conveniences.

Resort Finn Lough

Boa Island bubble domes going global! - The Fermanagh Herald

This Northern Ireland hotel is situated by a lake. The balloon hotel that gives you the experience of escaping to nature is also very comfortable. The bathroom is designed inside the room, not outside, like in other bathrooms. You can also use a telescope to look at the stars.

SunCity Camp

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp ➜ Wadi Rum, Aqaba Governorate, Jordan (35 guest  reviews). Book hotel Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

This is one of the most exotic experiences on our list. Because it is located in Wadi Rum, Jordan, in the middle of the desert. The rooms are not completely transparent, but are designed to see the desert view when you wake up. You can observe Bedouin life and feel the spiritual side of the desert.

Hotel Campera

Campera Bubble Hotel in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico | C'est Christine

This eco-friendly hotel in Baja California overlooks a vineyard. While observing Mexico’s natural beauty, you can explore the vineyards, taste wine and try gastronomic dishes.

Ridgeback Lodge

Unique hotel in Canada | Ridgeback Lodge |

This adults-only hotel in Canada has a chalet-like feel with wooden interiors. Guests’ favorite part is the wooden tub outside the tent that looks like slot depo gopay an igloo, where the water is heated over a wood fire. Amazing experience in the middle of nature!

Bubbletent Australia

Spend Your Australia Vacation In The First Bubble Tent Equipped With  Luxurious Amenities

Overlooking the 2nd largest canyon in the world and loved by birdwatchers, this hotel is located near Sydney. Being in the middle of a wide valley makes you feel completely free.

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